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Since our first day in business, Serengeti Electricals has been offering our customers the best selection of products at unbeatable prices. We have a well based network connection all over the world to source your exact products in timely manner. We have agents in China, Dubai, India, who can source the exact product at the right price and deliver within 2 weeks time.



Air Conditions

  • Split Type

  • Cassette Type

  • Standing Type

  • Vrv Systems


  • All types of LED bulbs

  • Normal & LED lights

  • Chandeliers & Lamps


  • Electrical roll

  • Electrical cables

  • High tension cables

  • Cables wrap & zip ties

solar panel 3_edited.jpg

Solar & Equipment.

  • Solar panels

  • Hybrid inverter

  • Solar lamps

  • Water heaters

  • Solar camping kit

  • Solar charge controller

Electrical items.

  • Voltage protectors

  • Single phase & 3 phase items

  • Heating elements

  • Voltage regulator

  • Inductive ballast

  • Extension plugs

Car air condition parts.

  • Car compressor

  • Car filter

  • Car expansion

  • Car air cleaner

  • Car receiver drier

  • Expansion Valve

  • Car compressor

  • Car refrigeration oil 

  • High pressure AC hosepipe

Electrical equipment.

  • Switch, switch socket

  • Main switch

  • Fuse breaker 

  • Electrical heaters

  • Earthing systems 

  • Instant showers 

  • USB switches 

Refrigeration items/ Air condition.

  • Gas 134A, 22A, 404A, 407A

  • A/C split units, cassete type, standing floor type 

  • Copper tube 

  • Refrigeration compressor

  • A/C Compressor

Other electrical items.

  • LED flood lights 

  • LED down lights 

  • Main switch 

  • Circuit breaker 

  • Earth rods 


Brands We Stock


Our Projects.

We undertake full solar installation for camps, lodges, hospitals, residential houses houses & many more.

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